Lord Darius Crowley (Formerly)
Archmage Ataeric (Formerly)


Southern Silverpine Forest


Kingdom of Gilneas (Formerly)
The Forsaken (Temporarily)
Magocracy of Dalaran


Militarily occupied

Ambermill was a human town located in the southern regions of the Silverpine Forest While it was originally part of the Kingdom of Gilneas, the town was taken over by the mages of Dalaran under Archmage Ataeric following the construction of the Greymane Wall. Other than Pyrewood Village, Ambermill was the only human settlement remaining in Silverpine, and the mages protected the inhabitants from the Forsaken and other threats.

Prior to the construction of the Greymane Wall, Ambermill was ruled by the young Gilnean lord Darius Crowley. The construction of the wall cut the town off from the rest of the kingdom, and Crowley rebelled against the king of Gilneas, Genn Greymane. While it remained largely unimportant other than for lumber harvesting, following the Third War the wizards of the Magocracy of Dalaran started to rebuild the town, seeking to reactivate the dormant ley line located beneath it.

When the Forsaken started to take over the Silverpine Forest, the mages of Dalaran put the town in a pocket dimension to keep themselves safe. They were planning to return to the Alliance in the war in Lordaeron once reinforcements would arrive. However, the Forsaken found a way to enter the pocket dimension, and after killing several mages, including Ataeric, returned the town to the real world, allowing the Forsaken to take the town. The majority of the inhabitants were slain and raised as Forsaken, and fought in the final battle at the Greymane Wall a few weeks later.

The town was left unmanned following the battle, and the pocket dimension was reinstated by Dalaran. However, sometime after the Second Grand Crusade of the Kingdom of Lordaeron Restored, the Magus Senate of Dalaran carried out a mass evacuation of any remaining inhabitants, although they still have a presence in the area.