Lord Darius Crowley
Lord Darius Crowley


Human (Worgen)




Kingdom of Gilneas
Gilneas Liberation Front
Grand Alliance
Alliance of Lordaeron (Formerly)
Northgate Rebels (Formerly)


Lord of Pyrewood (Formerly)
The Rebel Lord
Leader of the GLF




Lorna Crowley, daughter

Lord Darius Crowley is a Gilnean nobleman of the House of Crowley, and was the lord of the regions of Pyrewood Village and Ambermill prior to the construction of the Greymane Wall. He was a known supporter of the Alliance, and was the one who sent the Gilneas Brigade to join Lady Jaina Proudmoore when she travelled to Kalimdor. He was a good friend of King Genn Greymane, but he turned against him when he had the Greymane Wall built, as the wall split his lands in half.

Following the construction of the wall, Crowley formed and led the Northgate Rebels, which caused a civil war in Gilneas. He was eventually arrested and thrown into the Stoneward Prison along with many other rebels.

He was later freed at Greymane's request, as the city of Gilneas had come under attack by feral Worgen. Lending his aid, he and his rebels kept the ferals distracted long enough for the civilians to evacuate to Duskhaven. Holed up in the Light's Dawn Cathedral, they were eventually overwhelmed, and were cursed as well.

Crowley Worgen

Crowley as a Worgen.

Later on, he and some new allies started to capture feral worgen in an attempt to make them sane once more. During the Forsaken invation, King Genn Greymane and Lord Vincent Godfrey travelled to Tal'doren to request his aid against the undead. While initially hesitant due to Godfrey's prejudice against worgen, he agreed after Greymane revealed that he too was a worgen. He later fought in the Battle for Gilneas City, in which the Gilneans successfully retook three of the city's districts, although they were forced to leave when the Forsaken threatened to use the plague.

While many left to Darnassus, Crowley stayed behind with a handful of men and women who formed the Gilneas Liberation Front, a resistance group who fight the Forsaken across Gilneas and the Silverpine Forest. While they've managed to push the undead far to the north, they were ultimatly forced to pull back in Gilneas when Sylvanas Windrunner took Crowley's daughter Lorna captive.