The Dark Woods


Central part of the Ashen Coast


Full list unknown, Raven Priests and Dread Lurkers. Reported to house a small population of Lunar Hounds.

Notable Points:

Figure of many Ashen Coast superstitions. Rarely traversed, often gone around. Reports of people getting lost within the woods common.

Notable Locations within:

Blackfall Reach (Outskirts)
Monastery of the Silent Crow
The Misted Basin

The Dark Woods is a forest located within the central portion of the Ashen Coast and stretches into each of the three regions of the area. The region is vastly unexplored due to heavy superstition over the area and folklore that states devils and witches as well as all manners of evil creatures infest the forest. While unproven for the most part, one of the denizen's forests from the folklore have been proven, the deadly Dread Lurkers that dredge through most of the forest are very real.


The Dark Woods.

The area houses the Lupine Pass, a road that spans through Blackfall Reach and towards the three regional capitols of the Ashen Coast. Having been repaired as part of an expedition funded by the Blades of Greymane, the excursion revealed the sinister nature of the woods to a public eye. Tainted by various magics, the people of the Ashen Coast are forbidden from entering the woods with intention of chopping the trees or settling.

The area is the home to several notable points, such as Blackfall Reach on the outskirts and the Monastery of the Silent Crow deep within, a reclusive monastery of priests. The area is also said to house one of the few remaining packs of wolves within Gilneas. They are said to be white furred wolves that the locals of the area have named Lunar Hounds.