HMS Duskfang

Model Type:

Gilnean, Canid-class ship-of-the-line


Karnsburg, Kingdom of Gilneas

Naval Officers:

Rear Admiral Aleyina Grayblade, Captain

Current Allegiance:

Blades of Greymane


Ashen Coast Engineering and Construction

The HMS Duskfang, formerly known as the HMS Duskfeather, is a Canid-class ship-of-the-line constructed by Ashen Coast Engineering and Construction originally built as an attempt to revive the Raven-class line. Due to the loss of the Raven-class designs in the Invasion of Gilneas, the HMS Duskfeather was built using salvaged notes, the memory of surviving builders of the ships, half legible designs and the salvaged remains of the destroyed HMS Aderic.

Following the official decommissioning of the Raven-class, the Duskfeather was upgraded into a Canid-class, renamed the Duskfang and was designated as the flagship of Aleyina Grayblade following her promotion to Rear Admiral and designated command of the 2nd Flotilla of the Ashen Armada.