House of Ashbury

Coat of Arms

Parted gyronny sable and tenne, bordure sable, horse rampant argent.


"Undying Loyalty"

Last Known Head

Baron Ashbury (Deceased)




Barons of Duskmist Shore


Duskmist Shore

Vassal of

House of Greymane (Formerly)


Kingdom of Gilneas(Formerly)

The House of Ashbury is a long lived noble house within the Gilnean Peerage that had been known to serve the Kingdom of Gilneas faithfully, primarily the House of Greymane. A wide spread family, Ashburys have been seen serving throughout Gilnean history within the Royal Guard, the Gilneas City Guard and the Gilnean Military. As spoken by Archibald Greymane, the Ashburys were one of the most loyal vassal houses to the House of Greymane and it was a common saying of his "Always trust an Ashbury" that later passed to his son, Genn. The house was known to hold a large amount of land along the Duskmist Shore in Southern Gilneas within the Crown Lands of the Dusk and made their seat within a large manor off the coast.

It was not until the Invasion of Gilneas that the House attempted to betray the House of Greymane in order to ward off the Forsaken from advancing alonside the House of Godfrey and House of Walden. Upon their plans being foiled, the last known lord, Baron Ashbury, was known to have been slain by the King's liberators. It was known that Baron Ashbury's betrayal hit the king quite hard, as he had been raised alongside the baron in his youth and was seen as one of his most trusted friends. Though he was later raised as an undead under the Forsaken, whom he too later betrayed, he was slain. Accounts vary whether or not it was the Bloodfang Pack that slew him, or the forces of the Forsaken. It is unknown if Baron Ashbury had any next-of-kin or heirs, as the house was rather extensive, though it is possible the family was disenfranchised due to high treason. With Duskmist Shore's destruction, their title has been completely abolished, leaving the family landless regardless of removal from peerage.