House of Cloverfield

Coat of Arms

A green and yellow heraldry with a green leaf.


"Ever Growing."


The Clover Tower, Beau's Tooth

Last Head

Lord Beauford Cloverfield III


Beau's Tooth, the Ashen Coast


Baronet of Beau's Tooth (ancestrally)
Marcher Lord of The Bite


Beau's Tooth

Vassal of

House of Grayblade


Kingdom of Gilneas
Grand Alliance
Blades of Greymane



The House of Cloverfield was a relatively minor Gilnean noble house that originated from the Ashen Coast of the Kingdom of Gilneas. The house made its home on the island of Beau's Tooth and remained relatively obscure for most of its history. The family was known to have a distant blood relation to the House of Grayblade.

The Cloverfields mostly served as maintainers of the nearby lighthouse as well as monitoring incoming and leaving ships from Gilneas' southern ports.

In its prime, the island had two combat capable ships that were kept on stand by in case of wandering pirates or smugglers, and the tower itself served as a defensive fortification as well as the home to the Cloverfields as it contained several cannons within. Aside from the keep and its large tower, the island was relatively empty, being extremely small and unable to host much. Regardless, the island did have a small port and a few fishermen made their home on the island by way of small cabins by the coast.

Following the supposed destruction of House Grayblade by the Seventh Skull Legion, House Cloverfield was elevated to a higher position, being put in charge of most of the Grayblades lands following their demise, having won over the other vying house, the House of Darkoak which had lost due to the blood ties the Cloverfields held with the Grayblades. Unfortunately, the family was mysteriously killed shortly after their appointment as Marcher Lords of the Bite, and the title was passed on to House Darkoak.

With the Cloverfields dead, Beau's Tooth was left abandoned aside from its fisherman populace. The keep had been looted by an unknown party, and the island faded once more into obscurity. It was not until a large storm rocked the coasts of Gilneas that Beau's Tooth saw the end of the abandoned keep, as the poorly maintained structure was destroyed by near unnaturally high waves and gusting winds.

The Island was left alone throughout the remaining years until the Gilnean re-establishment order, the Blades of Greymane, came into the area to revitalize and restore the Ashen Coast. Restored as a side project by Lord Berenal Grayblade, the keep tower was rebuilt with more sturdy craftsmanship. It was later gifted to Lord Cedrec Delcarn for his service to the Blades along with the title of Baronet.