House of Godfrey

Coat of Arms

Sable, serpent erect argent, langued gules.


"One step ahead."

Last Known Head

Lord Vincent Godfrey (Deceased)




Dukes of the Eastern Reaches.


Tempest's Reach

Vassal of

House of Greymane (Formerly)


Kingdom of Gilneas (Formerly)
Forsaken (Formerly)

The House of Godfrey is a long lived noble house within the Gilnean Peerage that had been known to serve the Kingdom of Gilneas faithfully. Dukes of the Eastern Reaches of Gilneas, they made their seat primarily within the lands of Tempest's Reach where they watched over and managed the eastern lords. It was not until the Invasion of Gilneas that the House attempted to betray the House of Greymane in order to ward off the Forsaken from advancing alonside the House of Ashbury and House of Walden. Upon their plans being foiled, the last known lord, Vincent Godfrey threw himself from the cliffs of the Reach rather than be captured or work alongside the Worgen as allies, killing himself. Though he was later raised as an undead under the Forsaken, whom he too later betrayed, he was slain. Accounts vary whether or not it was the Bloodfang Pack that slew him, or the forces of the Forsaken. It is unknown if Lord Godfrey had any next-of-kin or heirs, though none have come forward and the House was likely disenfranchised due to high treason.