House of Lockewood

Coat of Arms

A black tree with a perched raven on a parted field of green and white.


"Fate Calls"

Current Head:

Baron Daryl Lockewood
Baroness Briana Lockewood


Southern Gilneas, the Ashen Coast


Barony of the Oak

Vassal of:

House of Greyfield


Kingdom of Gilneas, Grand Alliance

The House of Lockewood is an extremely new house formed in the Ashen Coast that was under Lady Lilurah Lockewood following her exemplary service in the Blades and as steward to Lady Sieglinde Greyfield. Appointed as baroness of Oakwood following the demise of the House of Oakenhale, the House of Lockewood has achieved varying successes in the woods that share the name of the township. Now under Daryl Lockewood, the House continues to manage the region aptly.