"We protected Gilneas from the Scourge. We protected Gilneas during the Northgate Rebellion. We will protect Gilneas from whatever this new threat may be."
~Prince Liam Greymane
Prince Liam Greymane
Liam New






Kingdom of Gilneas


Crown Prince of Gilneas




Genn Greymane (Father)
Tess Greymane (Sister)
Mia Greymane (Mother)
Archibald Greymane (Grandfather)

Prince Liam Greymane (1119 F.A. - 1142 F.A.) was the son and heir of King Genn Greymane of Gilneas. During the Invasion of Gilneas, he oversaw the defenses of the Greymane Wall, although he forced to abandon his post as the Worgen got close to Gilneas City.

During the Worgen invasion of Gilneas City, he helped secure the perimeter and evacuated several civilians. He and his men were forced to retreat to Duskhaven in the aftermath of the attack. In regrets, he started to drink, drowning his sorrows and often being found lying on a bench sleeping, a bottle in hand. Nevertheless, when the Forsaken reached the coast, he and his men fought back, only giving ground as the Shattering happenned, wrecking both sides.

During the Battle for Gilneas City, he and his men retook the Merchant Square, fighting deep through the city streets before their rendezvous with Darius Crowley and his father's troops. In the end, he sacrificed himself to save Genn, taking a poisonned arrow meant for him.

He was buried at Aderic's Repose, where he still lies today.

Speech during the Battle for Gilneas CityEdit

"The Forsaken think we're weak, a broken people. They think we'll roll over like a scared dog... How wrong they are. We will fight them in the fields until the last trench collapses and the last cannon is silenced.

We will fight them on the streets until the last shot is fired, and when there is no more ammunition, we'll crush their skulls with the stones that pave our city.

We will fight them in the alleys until our knuckles are skinned and bloodied, and our rapiers lay on the ground, shattered.

And if we find ourselves surrounded and disarmed, wounded and without hope; we will lift our heads in defiance and spit in their faces.

But we will never surrender!