Light's Dawn Cathedral

The Light's Dawn Cathedral.

The Light's Dawn Cathedral of Gilneas City is one of the great cathedrals of the Church of the Holy Light. It was constructed during the industrialization period during the reign of King Archibald Greymane. Surrounded by the city's canals, it towers above the rest of the city. Unlike other cathedrals such as the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind, completely made out of stone, the interior of the cathedral was mostly made of woodwork designs and structures. The windows featured stained glass designs, and the cathedral contained several bookshelves which probably stored religious scripts. It is also the only cathedral in the Seven Kingdoms to be outside of the territories of Lordaeron and Stormwind. As the construction happened at the same time as the city's renovations, King Archibald may have wished to build a cathedral to rival that of Stormwind and Lordaeron's, so as to show Gilnean power. It was also the location where former Northgate Rebels, led by Lord Darius Crowley, made their last stand to hold off the Worgen invasion while the civilians were evacuated to Duskhaven, and it is where the 7th Legion set up their temporay base of operations after overwhelming Forsaken forces in the area.

The cathedral was the seat of the Archbishop of Gilneas, Seryl I and the head of the Diocese of Gilneas City. Seryl was unfortunately slain during the last stand of the Northgate rebels as he opted to remain behind to help as he could while the city was evacuated. There was no new archbishop appointed and the various diocese that were in Gilneas were eventually merged into the Diocese of Gilneas.

The current Bishop of Gilneas is Melchiz Tzedeck.

Light's Dawn Cathedral Interior

The interior of the Cathedral.