The pinnacle of Gilnean naval engineering at the time, the Raven-class was a redesigned ship class that was thought lost during the Invasion of Gilneas. The Raven-class battleship was a Gilnean designed ship-of-the-line that sailed during the period of the Second War. Having been designed off the premise of then top of the line Tirasian ships that had been salvaged during the war, the Raven-class was meant to propel the Kingdom of Gilneas and the Gilnean Navy ahead of that of their Tirassian rivals.

The Raven-class was markedly advanced for its time, speculated to be able to stand aside current line ships in the Grand Alliance during its inception. The Raven-class was launched towards the end of the Second War, seeing extremely little use due to this, and only held five within its ranks by the end of the war. During their sailing period, the Raven-class was held exclusively by the King's Boys.

Reportedly capable of taking on two dreaded Ogre Juggernaughts on at once due to sheer firing power, the Raven-class was speculated to have been the strongest ship in the Allance naval forces at the time. When the war ended and Gilnean borders were closed, Raven-class ships were never able to live up to their aspirations with the shutting of Gilnean borders and the erection of the Greymane Wall. The remaining Raven-class ships were dismantled along with the rest of the Gilnean navy and their design plans stored away.

The class was later revived under the Ashen Armada, using the salvaged HMS Aderic. Modified and some times called the Raven-class mII, the newer design allowed for hefty defense and capable maneuverability. Unlike other Gilnean ships, the Raven-class is extremely large, able to host hundreds of crew, and acted as the flagship of the Gilnean navy.

The Raven-class was finally decommissioned with the introduction of the Canid-class Ship-of-the-Line, as the Raven-class was deemed altered too much from original design to retain original denomination. As a result, the remaining Raven-class vessels have been re-classified, and the design retired.

Known Raven-class ShipsEdit

  • HMS Aderic, destroyed and salvaged. The Aderic sank during a skirmish near Hillsbrad and was left under the sea for sometime. The only physical remnant of the class, the Aderic's design has offered invaluable insight into the recreation of the ship.
  • HMS King's Fury, dismantled.
  • HMS Determination, dismantled.
  • HMS Flint, dismantled.
  • HMS Indominable, dismantled.