Shadowfang Keep
Shadowfang Keep


Baron Silverlaine (Formerly)
Archmage Arugal (Formerly)
Lord Vincent Godfrey (Formerly)


Southwestern Silverpine Forest


Kingdom of Gilneas (Formerly)
Alliance of Lordaeron (Formerly)
Grand Alliance (Formerly)
The Bulwark (Temporarily)



Shadowfang Keep was the former seat of power of the Gilnean noble House of Silverlaine. It is located on a cliff overlooking the town of Pyrewood. It was cut off from the rest of the Kingdom of Gilneas following the construction of the Greymane Wall. The keep was taken from Baron Silverlaine by the forces of the crazed archmage Arugal, who swarmed the keep with his worgen and cursed the inhabitants of Pyrewood. Arugal held the keep until his demise at the hands of agents of the Horde. It remained abandoned for a time, but soon became the hideout of the renegade Gilnean lord Vincent Godfrey and his followers, who were considered traitors by both their homeland and the Forsaken.

Following Godfrey's death, the keep was abandoned once more, and it remained unmanned for a long while. It was temporarily used as a base of operations by the forces of the Bulwark, but largely remains abandoned nowadays.