Stoneward Prison
The Stoneward Prison is a fortified prison complex located in the Military District of Gilneas City. It's last known warden was Captain Broderick. It was constructed during the renovations of the city under King Archibald Greymane to hold the Kingdom's more dangerous criminals, and was guarded by the Stoneward regiment. One of the most notable inmates held in the prison was Lord Darius Crowley, leader of the Northgate Rebels. Other than the rebels, the prison also held criminals varying from pickpockets to killers.

During the Invasion of Gilneas, the Forsaken used the prison as an abomination facility. Meat and abomination parts were scattered across the courtyard and work tables had been put in place. A gargantum flesh beast had been created there, although it was destroyed during the Battle for Gilneas City.

Later during the Alliance-Horde War, the Blackhowl regiment under Lord Hiram Creed held the area, although Creed was in fact a black dragon in disguise, and his soldiers had drank his blood. Creed was eventually assassinated, and while the fate of the Blackhowl was uncertain, the prison was abandonned along with the rest of the city on Lord Crowley's orders.

A guillotine could be found in the center of the courtyard, where many public executions were held.

Notable InmatesEdit

  • Lord Berenal Grayblade (Two counts of murder; sentence reduced to one year after proof of framing was found.)

Northgate RebelsEdit

The following have all been charged with treason following the Northgate Rebellion and were released during the feral worgen attack on Gilneas City.