Wolf-class Siege Engine
Wolf siege engine
A Wolf-class Siege Engine.


Grand Alliance
Kingdom of Gilneas
Blades of Greymane


Ashen Coast Engineering and Construction


Steam powered ramming device, Special steel treads, Siege cannons, Anti-Air rockets, flame jets.


Besieging fortifications, Anti-air support, troop transport through hostile environments, dispersing plague.

The Wolf-class Siege Engine is a special type of Siege Engine designed by the Gilnean manufacturing company of Ashen Coast Engineering. Chartered and designed by Gilnean engineers who observed the use of the dwarven Siege Engine, the Wolf-class siege engine is a modification on the older design by replacing or improving certain functions of the older design.


From the outside, the Wolf-class Siege Engine looks very different from the design of the standard Siege engine. The largest visual difference would be the replacement of the common Gryphon head with that of a wolf, one of the many symbols of the Kingdom of Gilneas. The Wolf-class is also a bit larger than most siege engines, possessing a larger troop bay for troop transport as well as possessing vents on the sides of the tank that spew fire when activated.

These flame jets were designed specifically for combat against the Forsaken, as fire has been shown to cause the forsaken plague to disperse. These flame jets have limited combat capability and were not designed for anything other than plague dispersion.

The treads on the siege engine are specially designed to be able to move through less pleasant terrain, such as the swamps of Gilneas. This allows for the siege engines to not get bogged down in rougher environments at the cost of slower mobility.

As with other siege engines, the Wolf-class possesses a large cannon for siege purposes as well as anti-air rocket launchers to prevent aerial attacks.

Chartering and UseEdit

The Wolf-class siege engine was chartered and funded by the Blades of Greymane. Older siege engines used by the order were virtually useless in areas of Gilneas as the treads would get stuck and be unable to move properly through the swamps and marshes of the area. In addition, the Forsaken's usage of the plague made it near impossible for the Blades to move safely through certain areas.

The Wolf-class was designed with special treads to move through the murky lands of Gilneas without getting stuck, as well as a larger troop bay for safer troop transport. In addition, flame vents were implemented for plague dispersion to ensure maximum safety when being deployed on the field, or to clear the way for troop movements through plagued areas.

The Blades have deployed these siege engines several times against the Forsaken, though they have seen less use as of late.